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Science Station 3: Indigenous Plants

The official Tennessee tree, the Tulip Poplar, is in abundance in this area; it is named for its tulip-shaped flowers. The official state butterfly, the zebra swallowtail, is attracted to several of Tennessee's native plants, including phlox, azalea, thistles, fruit trees, zinnias, ironweed, goldenrod, coneflower, buttonbush, asters, blazing star, red clover, monarda, and jewelweed. The state's official wildflower is the passionflower. These plants are indigenous to this part of Tennessee. See what plants and flowers you can identify as you move from station to station here at Lonesome. 

Plants (invasive) Invasive species are plants that rapidly take over and have the potential to harm existing ecosystems, human economy, and even human health. There are several invasive plants that would not have been here when the cabin was built. Among the biggest pests are Privet, Tree of Heaven, Mimosa, Princess tree, Autumn Olive, Japanese honeysuckle, Exotic bush honeysuckles, English ivy, Kudzu, and Japanese Knotweed.