​Lonesome Historic Site


2006 TN-96  •  Burns, TN 37029  •  206-953-2766

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Click on each station below to for a description as you take a virtual tour of the Lonesome Historic Site.

Science Station 4: Indigenous Animals
Science Station 9: Witness Trees

Station 12:

Poisonous Plants

Tree on the way to house

Science Station 10: The Spring
Science Station 7: Lonesome Construction
Science Station 14: Extinct Indigenous Animals
Science Station 8: Photosynthesis
Science Station 11: Roosting Chickens

Station 4:

Indigenous Animals

​Trees on path leading to creek

Science Station 5: Beavers

Station 2: Rocks

Near the creek facing the hill

Science Station 3: Indigenous Plants
Science Station 2: Rocks
Science Station 6 Simple Machines

Station 6:

Simple Machines

​Outside the log house

Station 14: Extinct Indigenous Animals

Large area between log house and cemetery

Science Station 13: Flooding

Station 10: The Spring

the Springhouse site

Station 8: Photosynthesis

​Trees near the pavilion

Station 5: Beavers

at the creek

Science Station 12: Poisonous Plants

Station 13: Flooding

Beaverdam Creek

Station 9: Witness Trees

​Black Walnut or Eastern Red Cedar near the log house

Science Tour

Station 11:

Roosting Chickens

Large tree behind house

Science Station 1: Interdependence