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Station 2: The  Outside Fireplace

Ingenious was the skill of the stone masons, cutting and fitting the limestone rocks and boulders to build the chimneys and fireplaces. The stone work was so skillfully done that little or no mortar was needed to secure it. The main fireplace opening downstairs is six feet across and over four feet high, spanned by a skillfully laid stone arch and keystone. There is a smaller fireplace, in the same chimney, upstairs. The large fireplaces served not only as the main sources of heat in the winter, they were also used for cooking, and to some extent as a source of light because candles and fuel for oil lamps were also hard to come by in the earlier years.


  1. Compare ways individuals and groups on this farm lived in the past to how they live today.
  2. Construct a timeline to depict the evolution of a technology over time.
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